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How We Started

Flourish Curls started in the little girl of Sess Cannon when she was being taken from salon to salon as a child and never receiving real education or proper styling for her curly hair. Having a white mother and black father, Sess always felt like her hair was always stuck in the middle, and more than often she was left feeling like her hair was a burden. Like many, Sess straightened her hair for years but always felt called to learn and embrace her natural curls. Styling hair through high school and college Sess finally decided to take that leap into cosmetology school after two years of college. Going into beauty school she immediately knew she wanted to pursue a career in curly hair, but soon found that cosmetology was not designed to provide education in the area of natural or curly hair, other than how to chemically straighten it.

After graduating from cosmetology school in 2010 Sess went full force into her career. From 2010-2019 Sess became a mother of 4, a wife, an international curly hair stylist, brand educator for major natural hair brands, platform stylist, product creator, and now the owner of Flourish Curls Salon that caters to the education and styling of natural, curly hair for stylists and clients wanting to know more. Her goal is to open salons all across the world that cater to this methodology that provides education, styling, and product choices for the textured hair community.

Flourish Salon

The Flourish Tribe

The Flourish Tribe was built through a series of interviews and weeks of training on the Flourish Curls Curriculum. Each stylist brings something special and valuable to the Flourish Tribe. The salon is built on education and a true desire for each person, stylist and client to flourish in their journey. This means that each stylist works together to help one another grow and each client feels like family when they are under our roof. If you are a stylist looking to further your knowledge in the natural hair arena or if you are a client that is tired of searching for that salon that makes you feel comfortable, educated on your hair, and confident in your style then you are home. Welcome to Flourish!

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“All hair is good hair, hair care can be good or bad but all hair is good”