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“All hair is good hair, hair care can be good or bad but all hair is good”



Hands-on Workshop

One of the most valuable gems about Flourish Curls is the hands-on learning the salon provides. For Stylists, in our Flourish Curls Academy: Texture Beyond the License program, stylists will learn everything they need to know to be successful in the industry from theory to hands on skill and branding.

The hands-on workshops cater to licensed stylists wanting to further their knowledge in natural hair care and styling and for consumers looking for the best techniques to style and maintain their natural hair at home. These workshops are completely hands-on, so much fun and full of knowledge! Learn how to flat twist, do a lasting wash and set, two-strand twist style, and even how to care for your child’s natural hair. These workshops are built for each student to flourish!

Flourish Curls Academy