Sess Lee Cannon of Sess Lee Curls on Healthy Hair – BRONZE MAGAZINE

Texas resident Sess Lee Cannon, owner of Sess Lee Curls, LLC and Flourish Curls Salon was working as an accounting intern while in college and was out with a friend getting a tattoo when the tattoo artist planted the seed for her to consider hair as a career and not just a hobby. “I always loved doing hair, but I didn’t know I actually wanted to do it as a career until I was 21 years old,” she says.

Healthy hair is important because for so long the health of one’s hair just wasn’t as important as the styling of it. Many women, particularly black women, have experienced permanent hair loss or damage due to styling because the care of the hair wasn’t a priority. “I knew as a stylist I wanted healthy hair to be first and styling a bonus. I also wanted the education of healthy hair to be taught to stylists as well as clients.”

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