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Looking for answers? Please scroll down below to see the complete list of general questions about the Flourish Curls!

  • When is Sess accepting new clients?

    Sess will not be accepting any new clients at all.

  • How do I book an appointment?

    Download the Vagaro App and search Flourish Curls Salon and you can choose from the Arlington location or you can click on the Addison location. You can also click on the link in our Instagram bio and book from there.

  • Why are there no available appointments for months?

    We open the salon calendar for booking the last Sunday of the month at 12pm and it covers the following month. We only open booking month to month. So the last Sunday of April you can book for May, the last Sunday of May you can book for June and so on.

  • When do the books open?

    The last Sunday of every month at noon.

  • Can I speak directly to a stylist?

    You can email the salon at info@flourishcurlssalons.com or you can call 817-371-9817 Wednesday through Saturday 9-5.

  • Can I do a consultation first before making an appointment?

    No, we offer consultations in our first time client packages only.

  • What kind of hair do I need to bring?

    2 bags of Cuban twist double strand hair for updos (found at most beauty supply stores) with hair added. Punta Cana hair (found at kiwi beauty in Arlington or on Amazon) is also used and you will only need one bag.

  • How do I know exactly what to book?

    If you are a first time client we recommend you booking one of the first time client packages and from there the stylist will consult with you on your next steps for future booking.

  • Do all stylists know how to do all styles listed?

    No, each stylist is only open for styles that you can book that stylist for. All of the stylists can do the packages, flat twists, two strand twists and wash and gos and crochet. When it comes to adding extensions only Jessica, Malika, Lisa and LaTaya are open for those. Josie, LaTaya and Brittney do Silk Presses and Lisa does box and knotless braids.

  • Do you work with transitioning hair?

    We do work with transitioning hair if it has been at least 6 months since their last relaxer.

  • How do I cancel my appointment?

    You would go to your vagaro log in the same way you booked your appointment, look under ‘appointments’ click the appointment you would like to cancel then hit cancel. You should no longer see the appointment on your vagaro dashboard if it is cancelled. You are responsible for making sure it is cancelled so you don’t incur a fee.

  • Why didn’t I receive an email notification?

    If you have email and text notifications turned on in your vagaro app from your profile, you should receive the emails. Make sure all of your info is up to date and they aren’t going to your spam folder.

  • Can my child come if they are younger than 10 but sit well?

    Not unless it was previously discussed and agreed by your stylist.

  • How much do services cost?

    Starts at 100-230 Make sure to check your particular stylist because each stylist has a different cost based upon their seniority.