Curls to the Next Level

No matter your texture, we ALL can understand the common struggles of understanding our hair. There are many hair types so trying to pinpoint your hair type while learning to manage it can take several trial and error attempts with products. Sess Cannon in Dallas, TX, decided to take that challenge head on and conquered it. Through her business Sess Lee Curls LLC, Sess aims to educate women of all ages.She has the products, the experience and the personality to take your curls to the next level. Through her faith and knack for hair education we’ve dubbed Sess the Queen of Curls!

What inspired you to start your business and why?: At first I was inspired to do curly hair because of growing up with curly hair in a biracial home and my mom not knowing much about how to care for mine. I of course went from stylist to stylist hoping for answers to what I thought was my ‘problem’ with my hair. My mom being white she honestly didn’t know what she was doing so some stylists judged her, others took advantage of her lack of knowledge, while some just experimented and hoped for the best. In my elementary years into highschool I was in and out of different homes due to my dad passing and my mom struggling with drugs. I was able to take tidbits from each home I was in and apply what I could. I found out that I loved doing hair while still experimenting with my own but I haven’t quite figured mine out all the way. After being in college and working in accounting in a great company I decided to go to cosmetology school and finally become licensed in cosmetology. In the midst I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and eventually turned to clean living for remission instead of traditional medicine being that it was doing more harm than good. I then realized it was more than just curly hair I was passionate about, it was educating women about how to care for not just your hair but yourself from the inside out. I saw how amazing my curls were just by letting them be and feeding not just my hair but my body with REAL things. It was amazing and what I had been looking for for so long. That is when I found that good health is what makes the outside flourish whether it was hair or body or even spirit. I was always passionate about creating an environment that was free of judgement but full of encouragement and real genuine care. So that’s what I did. I started Sess Lee Curls and have helped young girls who used to be me as well as encouraged women to feel confident with their own hair while giving them the tools to care for it beyond just styling. Having a precious curly haired girl of my own just propelled me into this vision even more which started the invention of my hair product.

What does your company stand for?: Educating and creating an environment that makes you better after being in it. Whether it’s your mood, your knowledge, your perspective, your look or even your belief. I also believe that if I focus mainly on helping my clients get their hair healthy as it can be then styling comes easy. It’s the caring-for that has been missing.


How do you create the life you want?: By planting the right seeds. I believe God so I believe you put into the world what you believe it needs more of. Also being conscious of who I give my energy to and who’s energy I want to allow into my space.

Where do you find inspiration?: In people and experiences where I’m challenged to grow. And reading..I love to read.

How has your business made you a better person?: It’s made me be conscious of following what God has put into my spirit to do and not where the money is regardless of where the world is moving. Knowing that as long as I follow what my purpose is for each season then God will make sure I’m always taken care of. And as women we all deal with the same things and all want the same things just in different ways. Comparing ourselves crushes what God put inside of us and takes us further from it so why not help each other get there because either way you will always receive what’s yours.

What makes you HUMAN?: That I can do many things and not be confined to one particular title.